Continuous Improvement Coach @Colruyt Group Services

Colruyt Group is the only retailer in Belgium that has its own food production capabilities. They are are grouped together within the Colruyt Group Fine Food division. Through this craftsmanship, the group can work more efficiently, save costs, guarantee quality and create added value for its customers. Fine Food comprises 5 different production activities: meat, cheese, bread, coffee and wines. In total more than 1,000 employees are working within Fine Food, and their number is still growing. The new Meat 2 factory, opened in 2019, won the Factory of the Future award from Agoria. Production volumes are rising continuously, despite the national downward trend in sales of bread, meat and wine. Fine Food delivers a wide range of quality products to all stores: Colruyt Best Prices, OKay, Bio-Planet, Spar...

For Colruyt Group Fine Food we are looking for a Continuous Improvement Coach

Function description


  • You stimulate accountability and a performance-oriented mindset
  • You increase the know-how of continuous improvement throughout the organization
  • You achieve tangible improvement in results (OEE, waste reduction, quality improvement...) in the short/medium term through repetitive improvement cycles.


  • You actively look for ways to simplify the work of the Fine Food employees.
  • You analyze the department performance numbers as well as their existing working methods and point out possible improvements by working differently.
  • You define improvement potential for the different production activities and translate them into concrete improvement initiatives
  • You encourage the employees involved and help them to improve and facilitate their daily work.
  • You manage performance systematically, from the operator to the department manager, set KPI and monitor them
  • You identify problem areas at the improvement team level
  • Transfer know-how on continuous improvement by training and coaching the improvement team leaders
  • Instill a mindset of continuous improvement and ownership among all Fine Food co-workers
  • You monitor the progress and results of the improvement teams
Job requirements
  • You have at least a Bachelor Degree
  • You have had at least 3 years of experience in a production environment/industrial company
  • Experience with continuous improvement programs and associated techniques such as Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, Kanban, … is an asset
  • You have a curious mind, are a quick learner and open to new ways of working. Colruyt has developed their CI own program and will train you extensively, while at the same you are immediately put to work on existing projects
  • You think openly how working methods and processes can be made simpler and more efficient and are not afraid to speak your mind, to all involved from line operators to higher management
  • You are analytical and precise, but also empathetical, as you interact with many different people within the Fine Food and Colruyt Group organization
  • You have a hands-on, practical attitude and get things done
  • You are both an excellent listener and communicator: you know how to interact in a constructive way with people and how to get a message across clearly. You prefer plain language to jargon
  • You are able to work well in a matrix organization. As CI Coach you will be part of the Business Processes &Services Group, more particularly the Improve & Operate department. This department counts 50 CI coaches (called ‘Simplifiers’ in Colruyt Group speak) who work across all divisions of the group, of which 3 are currently dedicated to Fine Food
  • Language skills : proficiency in Dutch, and a good professional level of French, allowing you to communicate easily with all colleagues. The production sites are located around Halle and many of the workers are French speaking. However, as this is a longer term role and after the project in Fine Food, you are likely to do many different projects.
  • A permanent and challenging position for an ambitious, hard-working person who is keen to help others improve their way of working and hence contribute to the continued success of Colruyt Group including an important focus on sustainability
  • On-the-job training : one day every two weeks, you will receive specific CI training during your working hours
  • Autonomy : you plan your own tasks
  • Variety in your work as you are in contact with very different people, profiles and environments every day
  • Significant career opportunities: the role of Continuous Improvement Coach (‘Simplifier’) is a great way to get to know many people in the Colruyt Group organization and actively contributing to their success. Many of the coaches take important positions within the Group later on in their careers
  • Attractive remuneration ; you get a competitive salary depending on your previous background with fringe benefits, such as a company car, luncheon vouchers and profit sharing.
Organizational and departmental definition

You will be working in the department 'Operate & Improve', which in terms is part of the Business Processes & Services organization of the Colruyt Group.  This department has projects across the entire group.  In total 50 person are active as Continuous Improvement Coaches or Simplifiers as they are called in Colruyt speak.

Simplifying work is crucial for Colruyt Group. They are convinced that they can always do better. The Continuous Improvement Coach will focus on how to make workplaces and processes simpler and thus more efficient and how to increase the job satisfaction of their employees. Fine Food has been growing strongly over the last years, and is partly the result of acquisitions. The current team of 3 CI professionals dedicated to Fine Food needs to be reinforced


Patrick Michielsen Partner