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For more than 20 years, 3W is helping companies going through change. If there is one thing we learned, it is that driving change is all about building trust between organisations and sparking human connections among its leaders. This happens when we find the perfect match between the DNA of the candidate and the culture of a company. We call this the human fit.

the why how what philosophy of 3W

The What: Profile Matching

What is the scope of your project and what profile are you looking for? This seems an easy question, but often it’s not. Therefore, we invest in a team of experienced advisors who help you define the scope and offer the solution that fits best your needs.

The Who: CV Matching

When you trust a project to us, we understand that speed of delivery is crucial. The challenge is to find quality CV’s that are tailored to your specific needs in a matter of days. Therefore, we invest continuously in personal relations with our vast network of candidates. We interview every new candidate personally and regularly invite them to network events and training sessions. The most committed candidates can become member of our business club. This is how we ensure the quality of our candidate database.

The Why: DNA Matching

We believe in working long term with our clients because we truly want to understand your challenges and feel the finesse of your company culture. In assessments we use a set of powerful tools and technologies, these help us select those personalities that have a cultural fit with your team and a common belief with your organization. But in the end, it’s up to you to choose.

Benefits of working with us?

We invest daily in a real human network of Belgian leadership profiles

We help tackling your business & HR challenges by offering the most experienced team of advisors

We are agile & committed to finding the best candidate in the briefest timespan possible

We continuously innovate by implementing technology & solutions for our clients & candidates

We are multidisciplined, having acquired extensive experience in several fields

3W stories


Fabienne Mestdagh is currently active as Outplacement Coach. Previously, she was employed  - among others - with C.P. Bourg and Beiersdorf, filling various positions in HR. With almost four decades of experience, she witnessed a fundamental change in the field. To her, not a methodology but intuition makes the difference. We asked Fabienne what motivates her as an HR-expert and why she enjoyed collaborating with 3W.

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Laurent De Schrevel is currently active as a Finance Manager with an international trading company. This assignment is an extension of his previous positions and offers him the opportunity to make use of his versatile talent. With more than three decades of experience with companies like KPMG, Belgacom, Mediafin, and Bpost we asked Laurent which qualities are indispensable for an interim manager and why he loves working with 3W.

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Authenticity and continuity are the best guarantees for success.

Fleur Verbeek is Interim Brand Manager with Unilever, where she is currently working on the launch of ‘The Vegetarian Butcher’ in Belgium. The past decade she led various projects within the venture. To her, it means more than just a job. Thanks to her wide experience and strong connection with the company’s philosophy, not only can she provide optimal guidance to brands, but change the world in a small way in the process.

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