3W is 4 star Lloyds certified!



An officially recognized quality label guarantees a serious, professional approach for both the customer’s company and the Interim Manager. 3W is very happy to announce that after their recent audit, they received a 4 star certification.


The quality label for Interim Management was created by Ferdergon, the professional federation of HR service providers, for which Lloyds Register Quality Assurance undertakes the audits. The certified label allows Interim Management providers to distinguish themselves professionally on the basis of clearly measurable parameters.



After an extensive intake with the client company, including the description of the assignment, the objectives, the expected soft skills and the corporate culture, the vacancy is offered to more than 7,000 high-level profiles in the most diverse sectors. A handful of candidates is selected from careful pre-screening. What company exactly is concerned, they learn after signing an NDA. Up to 3 of them are proposed to the client company.

Frequent evaluations

Following the strict selection procedure, they fully meet the requirements set, which means that the customer’s decision period is very short. After the contracts have been drawn up, the Interim Manager will be familiarized by us in the client company.
One month later the induction follows; evaluation of the collaboration, layout of the timesheet and invoicing. With the guarantee that we will pay the Interim Manager within 10 days, even if the client does this sometimes after 60 or 90 days. In the meantime, the trajectory will be evaluated to check the good cooperation, after which the final evaluation and reference check will follow.


High level

In Belgium, only ten Interim Management providers have been certified by Lloyds. Every 18 months all their business processes are checked. Thanks to the quality label, the service is raised to a high level for both the client company and the Interim Manager. The entire unburdening is realized by the Interim Management provider.

The values and obligations of the certificate are included in our other services. Feel free to contact us to see how we can take your company to a higher level.