The misperception of Interim Management

Thought of the day


Interim Management is well established with large SMEs and multinationals. This is often less the case with smaller companies. For many, there is the misconception that Interim Managers are expensive and less flexible, lacking expertise,… The opposite is true.

Do not compare apples with oranges

If one compares the net salary of a permanent employee with the daily rate of an Interim Manager, one makes a calculation error by comparing apples with oranges. Because the full-time employee receives a gross annual salary, which involves a lot of costs, while he can also become ill for a long time.

Interim Management is reimbursed for the actual delivered performance and is flexible: from a few days to a few months. Moreover, the cooperation can be terminated with a notice period of only one month. All costs must be factored in in order to compare correctly.


Companies need the profiles from the Interim Management network and not only for crisis management. If a company is growing fast, there is a need for a CFO, for example. Because recruiting a full-time employee can be a bit too quick, the recruitment of an interim CFO who quickly comes to ROI is the solution to help the company grow and structure. In anticipation of the suitable full-timer.

More than 90% Interim Managers is internationally active, which makes their foreign expertise for an SME useful. Recruiting a similar profile immediately is more risky and expensive.

After a pre-screening of an average of 80 candidates per assignment, the three most suitable to the client company are proposed, taking the budget into account.


Throughout its existence, a company must implement changes that are best carried out by an external force without an emotional connection with the permanent employees or with the company’s history.

The function of a key figure can unexpectedly be filled in immediately. Interim Managers are immediately deployable and ensure continuity.

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