Strategic transformation/development expert

The company is active in the paper/printing sector. Our client is a family business that offers services downstream of the paper/printing production.

Given the decline of the sector and the increasing digitalization of communication methods, our client wants to innovate and diversify its activities in order to give a new impulse to the company's activities.

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Function description

Your mission will be to:

  • Evaluate the use of existing operational equipment and propose solutions to increase their rate of use.
  • Evaluate the different lines of thinking envisioned by the company for diversification (diversification into other professions, partnerships, prospecting for countries or partners, etc.).
  • Propose new strategic development axes
  • To develop different scenarios with figures to help the management committee and the founder of the company to make decisions.

You will get personal and strong support from the Managing Director.

Job requirements

Above all, you must be committed and able to find solutions

  • Common sense combined with strategic analysis ability
  • Knowledge of the paper industry is an important plus
  • Ability to develop business plans and financial models (evaluation, return on investment)
  • Ability to come up with innovative ideas (Out-of-the-Box Thinking)
  • Ease of working with able-bodied and disabled people
  • Ability to listen, persuade, excellent communicator
  • Languages: French will be the working language; good knowledge of Dutch is useful
  • Practical mind and ability to implement selected solutions

An exciting and crucial strategic challenge for the company. The assignment is estimated to require 3 months.

For further questions contact Baudouin Serckx, via mail: or mobile: + 32 473 325 936

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Baudouin Serckx