Can you find us the needle in the haystack: the Portfolio and NPI Manager Fungicides Development

We all know the importance of networks today.  Therefore we would like to call upon our network of experienced, talented Interim Managers today.  We are looking for an experienced (Interim) Manager with excellent program/project management skills but also with in-depth NPI experience to further develop the fungicide market development and penetration of our client Belchim. Absolute requirement is that this person must have worked already for a fungicide company and really knows this business.  This limits the potential candidates very much... and they might very well not live in Belgium but somewhere around the globe.  This is not an issue though, as we know that many of our Interim Managers have had international careers and thus have international networks. That is why we want to call upon you to help us. If we find the needle in the haystack through your network, we will for sure reward you! So prove to us that networking can do the job.  The goal is that after an initial Interim Management period of at least 6 months this person will join the company as an employee. But an immediate start as employee of Belchim is of course also possible.

Belchim is a fast growing company specialized in the development and distribution of crop protection products, and has its head office in Londerzeel.  Preferably your network contact is willing to work from the company location.

Belchim aims for a highly market-oriented approach which responds to the needs of the present-day agriculture.  The company is going through an important transformation due to further internationalization and professionalization through its main shareholder, a Japanese company,  

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In your role as Portfolio Manager Fungicides you are in charge of project management to support the growth of the product portfolio of the fungicides. You do not only participate in but are expected to actively detect potential product innovation and alternative application, you define processes and plan resources, capacity and strategic sourcing. Furthermore, you organize and moderate project meetings and you are the first point of contact for issues or questions related to the projects. You ensure a smooth transition to the Market Management department before the product launch on the market. You are therefore in close contact with several departments and have a key coordination role.  2 Junior portfolio managers report to you and you are expected to coach them in their fairly recent new roles.


This role requires at least 5 years of experience in agrochemicals which is characterized by being project and process driven with long development, (international) registration and go2market cycles.  As the learning cycle in the fungicide market is estimated to be 3-4 years, it is essential that you have already worked directly or indirectly for a company in the fungicide market.  

You have a good scientific background (bio-engineering, chemistry, biomedics, agro sciences, pharmacy) and are quick in picking up new information and eager to learn. Moreover you have an open mind and have closely collaborated and coordinated with other departments such as marketing and sales, production, quality control …

So yes, you are the figurative needle in the haystack, but on the other hand, know that working for our Client is exciting, as you will be at the frontline of innovation in this sector, where sustainability has become important than ever.

You have experience in running several projects simultaneously, are process minded and preferably have had a specific training in project management.  

You also are a good coach and have the experience of transferring/sharing your own project and process skills, enabling your direct reports to grow quickly in their job.

You demonstrate a thorough knowledge of English, knowledge of Dutch and French are definitely a plus. We expect you to be an excellent communicator.

The company is a challenger in this market, is a very dynamic company and open to change. They work in a very collaborative, informal and non-hierarchical way with a flat organisational structure.  Everyone is expected to take initiative, to be supportive and help along colleagues to achieve our common goals whatever department they are working for.   


A challenging position in a dynamic and international environment.

An enthusiastic international team in an informal and stimulating atmosphere.

Frequent contacts with other departments, foreign establishments and external partners.

After an initial period of minimum 6 months as Interim Manager, we expect you to be open to a switch to an employee  contract.  

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Organisatie- en afdelingomschrijving

You report to a very experienced Director R&D, who is also in charge of Strategic Alliances and you head up a team of 2 junior portfolio managers who have been internally promoted and need further coaching to grow in this role. This is a senior role as you are crucial to the further development of the fungicide portfolio.  

You will preferably be willing to move to the HQ in Londerzeel where most corporate services are located.  But this is clearly an international role, as you will be coordinating international projects and colleagues will be based both in Europe, the US and Japan.  

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