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februari 11 2020 18:30

What makes an effective interim manager? To answer this very question, we put together an interactive workshop past Tuesday for over 40 interim managers.

Innovation consultant & trainer John van der Linden (Franklin Covey Institute) presentation exceeded expectations, offering valuable insights and advice that everyone could incorporate in their daily lives (professional and personal).

We were glad to see strong audience participation as the interim managers actively engaged during the masterclass and kept sharing experiences throughout the break. Our thanks go out to all those who were present and are taking those all-important steps in further self-development. 

januari 23 2020 19:00

On January 23rd, the 3W team and our stylishly dressed guests descended upon the gorgeous Coudenberg Belvue in Brussels to usher in the new (business) year!  It was an evening filled with interesting talks, business reflection, future ambitions, heart-warming charity and stunning photography. 

Accompanied by delicious food and drinks, we introduced our revamped website and revealed our vision for the future – we even hosted a benefit for the VUB Yamina Krossa Foundation! The stage was perfectly set for an evening to remember.

Enjoy a brief aftermovie and photography series.

november 7 2019 12:00

On November 7, 3W was happy to welcome approximately 23 guests in Huis Empire for our latest CEO Lunch.

Surrounded by all the beauty this venue had to offer, Kim Ciers, Bart Pattyn and Jo Libeer offered their thoughts on the subject of Change Management. Over delicious food and wine, there were also plenty of opportunities to network. Take a look at our aftermovie!

We hope to see all attendees back at our next gathering!

september 26 2019 14:00

On September 26, 3W and VBO were pleased to invite two passionate speakers  –  Tim Clauwaert (Intuo) & Michael Humblet (Chaomatic) –  to come share with us their opinion on the necessity of companies branding themselves in order to achieve growth.

Not lacking in powers of persuasion, the pair left an indelible impression on the attendees, who are sure to implement what they have learned in their own companies.

Employer branding is here to stay! 

maart 26 2020 18:00

On the 26th of March, 3W will be holding an Inspiring Leadership Event on the topic of how to digitally transform a company. 

april 24 2020 12:00

On the 24th of April, we’ll be bringing CEO’s and managers together in Brussels for a lunch seminar to help you handle potential scaling hurdles. Of course, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to network as well.