The human fit

For more than 20 years 3W is helping companies which are going through change. If there is one thing we learned, it is that driving change is all about building trust in organizations and sparking human connections with its leaders. This happens when we find the perfect match between the DNA of the candidate and the culture of a company. We call this the human fit.

Business challenges

On a business level we see many organizations struggle with uncertainty about what lies ahead and how technology can help them evolve. Important drivers for growth, such as consolidation, financial strategies and brand building, keep leaders awake at night.

Organizational challenges

On an organizational level we see that growing organizations are often struggling with the allocation of their resources and the growing risk they need to take. Especially when infrastructure, processes, and systems need to evolve to help support this change.

Human Resource challenges

Leaders of changing organizations need to increase the performance of their workforce. For that reason, they often need to bring in new talent and retain existing talent longer in the organization. Building the right culture and helping people embrace change is a big challenge for HR.

Executive recruitment solutions

We have built a vast network of more than 7000 executives and middle managers wanting to help companies going through change. Today we offer our expertise in several forms, like interim management, business coaching and executive placement. Plug in our network to your team anyway you like.

Executive solutions

Success stories

Eneco case

3W found the perfect interim COO Benelux for Eneco’s biogas department

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AB Inbev case

3W helps InBev find a senior project manager for the PerfectDraft© project

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