No matter what your challenge is.. 3W can help you

Our Interim Managers can help you mitigate the VUCA world

The manufacturing industry is facing rapidly increasing complexity, resulting in many simultaneous challenges: sustainability and climate change, quickly shifting customer demand, rapid digitization, and scarcity of skilled workers. So VUCA hits you hard. Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity are dominant forces that can easily throw your company off course.

In the end it will always be the quality and expertise of your managers that will make the difference between success and failure. Most likely you will not have them on board at all times. That is where the 3W expertise can come in.

Challenge 1: Happy

Challenge 1: HAPPY

People remain your most valuable asset, even if you go for extensive automation and technological innovation. How do you make sure that your teams are happy and delighted to work for your company? If you have the right team, it is very difficult to fail.

3W helps you to ensure business continuity… whatever happens.

Especially in the industry, a shortage of employees with the right skills, passion and soul for your company has been noticeable for quite some time. This requires a creative HR policy that takes all forms of talent into account. Because not everyone wants to be an employee today. Some totally unforeseen event might occur as well. What do you do if your experienced plant manager unexpectedly cannot return to work for an indefinite period of time?

This uncertainty can be resolved by calling on us. We are your insurance: at 3W you have more than 30,000 years of managerial experience at your fingertips, gained by our Soul Interim Managers in all areas of the industry. This is what you might call 'traditional' Interim Management. We ensure the short-term continuity of the various management functions in your company.

Challenge 2: GREEN

Sustainability is there to stay: new emission standards, CO2 neutrality, the circular economy, waste management. With continual new legislation and additional complexity. It is subject matter that can also provide your company with an important competitive advantage.

3W helps you to keep up with complexity… at all times

You need the right expertise to score in this area of sustainability, but this is certainly not the only one. The complexity of business in general and industry in particular has grown steadily in recent decades. You are forced to constantly reinvent yourself. New markets, new technologies, new expectations from your customers and consumers. It is often impossible to have all the necessary knowledge within your team at all times. In this never-ending battle against increasing complexity, you can call on 3W. With us, you will find the expertise you need, and at the right time. Let our professionals, who have proven their merits, help you. Just put us to the test.

Challenge 3: SMART

Smart manufacturing is all about far-reaching digitalisation and connected production that ensures flexibility, agility and innovation. Especially since consumers and markets change rapidly and there is a lot of uncertainty about the demand, reinforced by the current crisis. Smart working is therefore more necessary than ever. But that might require a radical change from your organisation, a different way of working in the future.

3W helps you to shape your future… starting now

Wanted: manager (m/f) with 10 years’ experience in a technology that does not yet exist.

This is indeed a question that was recently raised by one of our clients. These were not his exact words, of course. But that is what it boils down to. Volatility and ambiguity make the future of companies in constant flux. There are few certainties and in a short time a sector can change profoundly. Transformation or transition management is essential. Support in a transformation process is essential as well. With our transformation and change management experts at 3W, you can initiate and keep control such transformation. We have built up a pool of talents who have already successfully completed major change and business transformation projects. We would be delighted to introduce them to you.