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3W is determined to become the preferred partner for manufacturing companies active in Belgium. We are providing those companies in the most efficient way the best suited self-employed managers on a temporary basis. Best suited means not only with top notch and relevant expertise, but also a ensuring a genuine fit with the company’s culture. In the most efficient way implies that we do this really fast. Again, just put us to the test.

Our Soul Interim Managers, or SIMs, share our passion for manufacturing and have a soul for products, machines, innovation and of course people. We are convinced that in these challenging and rapidly moving times our SIMs can be key in assisting companies to achieve their results, improve their performance and shape their future. They often have more experience than is required for the function, but that is just what enables them to integrate quickly and efficiently into your company.



A Soul Interim Manager has in-depth experience in the manufacturing industry and/or supply chain. In-depth experience for us means that most of them will have had a successful career in industry for more than 20 years. Preferably also with an international background and having reached at least a middle management or higher management position in one of the companies they worked for. A significant number of our SIMs have experience with change management and transformation.


As part of our selection process, we ask them to provide us with at least three references via a standard digitalized process. This is complemented by a video interview and a personality test. On the basis of all these elements, both qualitative and quantitative (performance scores among others) they become one of our Soul Interim Managers. Only then will they be added to the list of potential candidates for the roles and assignments requested by our clients.