We usually do not like to talk a lot about ourselves. We like to do, not to talk. But for once, we will.
We just love industry. The art of making products. Maybe we are old-fashioned, but we know what we are talking about. Before becoming partners at 3W we have had long careers in industry. So we know what makes your business tick. We understand your challenges and difficulties.

As the world has been getting ever more complex, so has manufacturing. People, more than ever, make the difference. People with the same passion as you and ourselves. Sorry to break the bad news but getting those people to work for you is likely to only get harder.
Still, we want to make you this promise: at 3W we will continue to detect, attract and bring just those people to work for you, even if it is only on a temporary basis. We truly believe that by getting to know both of you and our SIMs really well, we will be able to identify the right person that will help you achieve your results, in an ever more complex world.
They may not be in your company for the long haul, but they will assure you make it there, VUCA or not. They are team players and builders, creating bridges between your present and your future. That is what makes us tick and makes us proud. Your success is ours…

Baudouin Serckx

Baudouin's career has mainly been in the brewing world, working for Heineken, ABInBev, Unibras all over the world, but above all Africa is very close to his heart. He has had a wide variety of roles, from finance, plant manager, to general management. For more than 10 years he was interim manager himself and joined 3W two years ago as sales manager, before becoming a partner.

Patrick Michielsen

Patrick has gone through several phases in his career: 15 years in FMCG with amongst other Unilever and Campina, 10 years in retail, of which 5 years as general manager for Zara Benelux and 10 years in HR Services, of which 8 years for Adecco. In 2020 he joined 3W, where he is now one of the partners.

Yvy Jacobs

Yvy has had a career of about 20 years in Human Resources and Talent Development, as HR manager in several sectors, including retail, laboratory equipment and products, IT services. She has worked for Euroshoe, Thermofischer and Avnet (internationally). Yvy has been self-employed for 2 years now and works amongst others for 3W. Yvy is responsible for our recruitment and the processes involved.

3W and Select Group

3W has a long history that goes back until 1996. Over the years we have helped many local and international companies ensure the continuity of their operations and shape their future. Some of our clients just to give you an idea: Agriphar, Iscal Sugars, Seco, Signify, ABInBev, Unilever, Mora.

We have recently turned an important page by partnering with the Select Group. Select has a strong philosophy: quality can only be delivered by genuine and passionate people, dedicated to their clients. Just like we do. That is the reason why as entrepreneurs we are proud to be also part of his ‘family’. You can find more information on Select by clicking on the following link: weareselectgroup.com